We invest in your business

We invest in your business

We are investing in interesting and useful online and offline projects of any orientation in exchange for a stake in your business.
We do not monitor your every step – you are a direct project leader both in spirit and in securities (we do not pretend to share more than 49%).
We are interested in long-term cooperation and do not expect instant profits.

What can we give you?

We are ready to invest from $ 10 000 to $ 100 000 in your project at any stage of its development.
We are not just investing money; we also help you to develop, offering direct assistance in the implementation of the project idea, business plan, advertising and monetization.
We will share the experience and knowledge of how to build and grow your business, how to position and promote it on the market spending less time and money.

What do we expect from you?

An idea or a ready interesting real project in the online or the offline sphere oriented on global markets with an understanding of why it is really necessary for people.
A true close-knit team with the idea in which direction to move and how to achieve the desired results.
A clear business model with plans for the future 3-5 years and monetization model with payback over the next 2 years.